Be the Skeptic

When I began this journey into the paranormal, I was excited with anticipation to seeing an apparition, encountering an UFO or discovering a cryptid. At that time, I was naive and would soon learn a hard lesson that not every photo was real, not every story true and not every haunting involves a ghost. The first year of investigations I participated in were either false sightings, misidentification, hysteria or lies. Ever since then, I have always taken the approach of a skeptic when dealing with any paranormal phenomenon and my advice to anyone or any group with a starting interest in the unknown. In any investigation, study, research or any other project conducted, before considering a supernatural cause, constantly look for a reasonable, scientific explanation to the event or situation occurring. Here are a few tips I have learned over the years.

1. Never take the face value of any photos or videos claiming to be about the paranormal. Always examine and analysis what you are seeing. Only on rare occurrences where an actual cryptid, ghost or UFO was captured and yet those are still debated. Consult the Internet about the photos and videos that were debunked or proven fake. Any visual recordings you produce, considered other possible causes of the image taken, for example ghost orbs in a picture are dust or rain drops.

2. Always consult other sources when investigating the paranormal. Cases involving hauntings, UFO sightings, run ins with Bigfoot, could be debunked or conceivable by referring to some other eyewitness accounts, history of the area, news articles, or other information researched at the library or on the Internet.

3. When looking into UFO sightings, remember statically over 80% of them are explainable as misidentification of aircraft, atmospheric conditions, stars, remote control models, balloons and so on. You are looking to eliminate these possibilities before even considered the other percentage.

4. Things going bump in the night are not always caused by supernatural entities. When investigating cases involving strange and unseen noises, seek out other causes and attempt to replicate the sound. Determine if there are leaking pipes, loose floorboards, support beams, or pests living in the walls


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