Now Serving Two Sentence Creepypasta

Recently I went over and visited my friend Ed, the guy who wrote Windigo Eyes, for a coffee. He informed me about a trend on the Internet where creepypastas and horror stories were told in two sentences. I checked this out and was amazed of the number of websites and videos out there about this method of storytelling. Ed had thought up a few of them and suggested they should be the next posting on Abnormal Realm. Just for your entertaining pleasure and not sleeping tonight here is a serving of four original two sentences creepypastas. Comment if reading this has resulted in nightmares.

1.   I stopped visiting my wife’s grave. I can’t handle her screaming at me why I keep leaving her at the cemetery.

2.   I was awakened at night by the sounds of screaming coming from the basement. I thought I should have buried my wife deeper.

3.   “Johnny quit playing in the closet, it’s time for bed.” said the mother. Johnny peaked his head from the bed covers and whispered, “Mommy, there is someone in the closet.”

4.  My daughter is scared of thunderstorms, so when I felt a tug at the bed cover I told her to climb into bed with me. Something was wrong when I heard her come into the room and asked, “Mommy, why is my doll on your bed?”

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