Creepypasta: Mr. Pepper Wants To Play

Not too long ago, I met up with my friend David for coffee to touch base as we have not seen each other for some time. Now I know he had interests in computers, movies, video games and anything dealing with the supernatural. I was not surprised to hear that he joined a paranormal group a few years back. David’s role in this investigation team was a researcher and the webmaster for their website. He shared stories with me about places they been, possible ghost encounters and individuals they met. He then got unto the comments people left on  the website he had to moderate. Now there were some David had to dismiss as either crazy or a fabricated, but there was this one that was unsettling to him even to this day. It’s been over a year now since the paranormal group has disbanded and the website no long exists. He took a print screen shot of the webpage containing an article about a demon along with comments from visitors.  He handed me his smartphone to read this.


The Demon Surgat

In any world religion, there are tales of non-human entities to exist within world such as angels and demons. There is an branch of theology, especially in Christianity that studies demons called demonology. This area of study examines into the beliefs, identification, categorization, control and fighting of entities considered as non-human, spirits, elements or anything supernatural that is not a god. In Christianity, there are many demons along with one of the lesser-known named Surgat.

This demon was first mentioned in the Great Grimoire of Honorius. This book is believed to be written by Honorius III, a pope from the 11th century. Honorius was known to deliberately perform rituals to summon demons to combat and exorcised them back to Hell, in preparation for the day he encounters the Devil. Surgat was described to possess deceptive abilities, craves dark places and can open any lock allowing him to sneak up on humans to freight them. This demon often targeted children who are afraid of the dark for entertainment. There is a story if one was to lockup everything and hide under the bed covers , Surgat will find a way in to scare you to death.


Add Your Comments

Anonymous: A demon scaring children not surprised.

TJ: Is that for real or something you pulled from a movie. If it is, what’s the movie?

John: My name is John. I stumbled across your blog while researching information to an experience I had. I don’t understand what it is or why it is happening. I found my ordeal to be similar to this surgat demon off your website. I am hoping your group could help me in making sense or give some explanation of what I experienced and maybe even how to stop it. I know how this will sound insane as you don’t know me. I know with what I am about to say no one would ever believe me, but I am hoping you will at least hear me out first. I am one that never believed in the paranormal until last week with what happened. The situation carries a history that goes back when I was a kid. You see in 1983, my parents got a divorce and my mother got full custody. She worked nights, so with little money and no family in the city we lived in, there were times I would be by myself in the house we rented. In October, it was a usual Friday night where she made supper and left for work. I would watch TV and with no school on the weekend, I didn’t go bed until midnight. Sometime during the night, I think at 9 pm, maybe 10 pm, while watching the Muppet Show there was a knocking at the door. At first I thought maybe it was my mother as it was not the first time she forgot her keys. Before I would open door, I followed what she taught me on seeing through the peephole first. Being a little kid, mother placed a chair in the hallway for me to reach the peephole. When I looked through it, nobody was there. I went back to watching the show. After a few moments, there was another knocking at the door followed by the doorbell. I quickly looked through the front curtains to see if there was a car or something around, but there was nothing. I got onto the chair and peaked through the hole, there was no one. I remain there for a few seconds to see if anything happened, but nothing. I though maybe the next door neighbor’s kids were pulling a prank on me and just went back to the TV. A half hour later, there was another knocking and the doorbell rang, but I ignored it. Suddenly there was a sound as if something was slamming against the door. I ran down the hallway and got on the chair look through the peephole, but again seen no one outside. I put my ear to the door and waited if I could hear anybody. What I heard was sounds of something scratching at the door outside, like a cat would make wanting to get inside. The scratching stopped then my eyes caught the doorknob turning as if someone trying to open it. The doorknob stopped twisting . Where I was listening came a loud hammering on the door. I pulled back and heard this erie high-pitched voice from beyond the door, “Hello. Anyone home?” I was quiet. The voice said, “Johnny, want to play?” I froze in fear. I didn’t recognized the voice or wondered how it knew my name. I remained silent and prayed it would go away. It continue to speak, “Johnny. I know you are home alone. Let me in and we can play.” I didn’t know what to do. Call my mother? Call the police? That voice was unlike anything I heard in my life and every time it spoke made me more afraid. “My name is Mr. Pepper. I want to play. Please let me in Johnny.” I felt terror and was unable to think or move. The voice spoke again. “I know your mommy is not here Johnny. Your must be so alone. Let me in and I’ll be your friend.” After a few moments of silence passed, I began to calm down and hoped whoever or whatever was gone. Then, I heard the scratches again. The front door had two locks on it, a deadbolt and one on the doorknob. I watched the knob lock turned open and then deadbolt begin to twist. Quickly, I grabbed deadbolt. I felt something on the other side trying to turn it, but fought to keep it from opening. The voice returned “ I know you are home Johnny. Let me in and we can play.” Again I felt force on the deadbolt, but I refused to let go. I felt something slammed against the door as the voice yelled,” Your not being nice Johnny. Let me in.” Whatever was outside, began hammering on the door trying to break it down. I pushed myself against the door, still holding the deadbolt. The voice continued to yell for me to opening door as it pounded on it with me fighting to keep the deadbolt from turning. Suddenly the voice and slamming stopped along with the force on the lock. I don’t know how much time passed, but I continued to hold onto the deadbolt. Once again, I felt the deadbolt turning and fought to hold it. Then I heard my mother voice from the other side of the door swearing. I look through the peephole and seen it was her. I open the door, hugged her and began to cry. I told her everything that happened. The police were called, an investigation was done and neighbors questioned, yet nothing was found. My mother though either I was causing problems because of the divorce or was just crazy. In fact she had me go to therapy . Over time I became convinced that night was something I made up and as an adult even forgotten about those events, until last week. You see, I have a 10 year old son and currently separated. I work, but I have a babysitter to watch him until I get home. Last Monday, I got home my son was asleep and the sitter left. I didn’t shopped the day before and there was no food in the house. I thought on getting something from the 24 hour coffee shop around the corner from me. This would only take a few minutes, my son was sleeping, just locked the door and I’ll be right back.. This decision I will regret for the rest of my life. When I returned home, all the lights were on. I got to the door and use the key, but felt the lock was jammed when I try to open it. I heard my son screaming from the other side shouting to go away. I yelled it was daddy and after he looked through the front window he opened the door. He was crying hysterically wondering where I was. I asked him what happened and he told me he was awaken by a knocking at the door. Someone named Mr. Pepper wanted to come in and play with him. He said no and Mr Pepper tried to break in, then stopped right before I came in. In that second, I remembered those events from 30 years ago. This is the honest truth. What happened last week to my son and me was real. I have not left him out of my site and have not worked since that night. I called the police and they have not done anything. I am desperate to knoe what this is. Why it is happening again? Is there a way to stop it? Please help me!! I don’t know what to do!!! I will also email you and hope you respond back. Give me a number to call you at or even call me at 212-***-***. If long distance is an issue, call me collect. Please!

Anonymous: BS. Please I heard this before in a creepypasta


Jean: What kind of **** is this?


After reading this, David told me he tried to contact John and called the phone number. It would ring, then go to voice mail where he left a message. He repeated this several times throughout the week and even placed a comment on the website for John, they were trying to contact him. There still has been no response from John.

Hope you enjoyed this creepypasta

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