Why The Nightmares?

Every paranormal phenomena I learn about, there have been a number of theories to explain its occurrence. This leaves me disturbed and at times amused, as no definitive answer to what causes these unexplained events cannot be agreed on, but instead argued. Let me demonstrated this problem with this example. First to describe the situation. While sleeping, you suddenly awake, unable to move, you feel paralysis along with pressure on your chest. Then, you feel you are not alone in the room, sensing there is someone or something watching you either hanging over the bed board or hovering off the ceiling. What does this sounds like? An alien abduction, demonic attack or some nightmare and yet any of these could be right depending on whose view. The phenomenon is real, as it has been experienced by thousands around the world and throughout history. The causes behind it remains unknown as the three possible explanations are disputed.

First, the scientific community believe the phenomenon is caused by sleep paralysis, a condition when a person during the deepest state of sleep suddenly wakes up and find themselves unable to move. They are in a state between dreaming and awake where they could experience hallucinations, strange noises, moving images that are interpreted to be aliens or demons. This could explain some cases, but it does not account for the following situations. One, physical displacement, when the person after the experience, is moved to another location within the house or even outside. The second, is the appearance of unusual markings on the body, such as bruises, cuts, surgical scars, scratches or burns which could not be self inflicted as the individual is unable to move. The last point is how would sleep paralysis explain alien abduction where the person is full awake, mobile, outdoors or even driving like the Hills abduction of 1961?

The other explanation originates from ancient legends and folklore. The belief is these night terrors are resulted by a demon or spirit physically or sexually attacking the person in their sleep. This supernatural event could be found around the world as stories of faeries, ghosts, witches and goblins. In day of science and technology such an explanation is unacceptable as it to admit the existence of such forces.

Now, the third explanation for the phenomenon is alien abductions where the person is paralysis by the alien or their technology, then taken away for experimentation. This belief has become popular and more widely accepted within the last 30 years as more cases are known and broadcast by today’s media. Being from another world is a possibility, but then why do the abduction stop by those believing in a higher power and why some UFO groups advise people to pray to halt their own encounters?

So what is going on? Aliens, ancient evil forces or just the human imagination? No one can fully agree which one it is. As the argument continues, thousands are exposed to unknown forces terrorizing them at night in their own beds. Imagine the irony is all three explanations were involved.

4 thoughts on “Why The Nightmares?

  1. Kaine Andrews

    I tend to think the problem is that so many people want just one explanation, when it’s entirely possible – even probable – that different explanations apply in different situations. Just like someone can be sick and diagnosed with a fever or cough, there’s lots of potential variation in exactly what those might mean and what’s causing them.

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    1. Gatekeeper Post author

      Thanks for the commenting Kaine. I would agree there are situations within life that effects could have multiple causes to them like in health issues. In the cases I mentioned in the article with experiences reporting to have many similarity, I assume there is an singular explanation which may never be known as its buried in these layers of theories and opinion.

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  2. davidcalvert108

    “Quantum entanglement” may hold the answers to such phenomena. Physicists have put forward the theory that human consciousness resides outside of the brain and is part of an interconnected web that links one reality to another (multiverses). If consciousness is not fixed in any one reality, but connected to them all, it would account for many of the observed “high strangeness” phenomena experienced in OUR space-time continuum.



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