Hearts and Windigo Eyes

Happy Valentines Day everyone. Yesterday went out for a coffee with a friend and he made a wieyesuggestion on adding a section featuring creepypastas. Yes folks, thanks to Ed’s idea Abnormal Realm will be posting those bone chilling tales of horror found in urban legends and creepypastas for your entertaining pleasure to read. In recognition for Ed’s suggestion, the first creepypasta will be one he personally wrote some time ago, so share your thoughts in the comments section about his story and this idea. Also, if you heard or know of any good ones feel free to send them in to Abnormal Realms.

Windigo Eyes

Among the native tribes in Canada, legends tell of a supernatural monster with claws and fangs roaming the woods with an endless hunger for human flesh. They called it Windigo. Many feared this creature believing it could possess a person turning them into cannibal with no hope of salvation. Like you, I was not aware of the Windigo’s existence until someone told me about the myth which was a long time ago. This happened one night during a visit with my friend, John, who lived with his grandfather out on the local reserve.

That evening John, his grandfather and I were sitting around a fire waiting for my parents to pick me up. John suggested telling some ghost stories to pass the time. I was never good at story telling, but tried the classic urban legend of The Hook with John’s review of it being a yawn. I challenged him if he could do better, yet he shrugged and claimed not to know of any to share at the moment. John asked his grandfather if he knew of any good stories. John’s grandfather told us to sit with him by the fire. He began with, “There are many legends told among our people and one such tale is the Windigo. “

We drew closer to the grandfather, as he continued, “Before the Europeans arrived, before our people walked this land, the first race lived here. They were giants. When our people came, they and the first ones were once at peace, however over time they enslaved our ancestors. They were worked, tortured, even preyed upon as food. Many years passed as our people called out to Great Spirit for help. The Great Spirit answered and became enraged for what the first race did to our people. He destroyed their bodies as punishment.

They became spirits, forever condemned to wander the land. Some disappeared into the earth, others retreated deep into the woods, but there were a few angered with what befell upon them, sworn revenge on our people. They possessed the animals transformed into monsters that terrorized the land. The strongest of the spirits were able to inhabit people and turned them into the Windigo. These souls were damned to crave and eat the flesh of human. When the Europeans arrived, they had been warned, but never did listened. Many disappeared, while others found half eaten by some animal . Over time, the killings stopped. Some hoped the Windigo had gone to sleep, others prayed someone defeated it, but to most like the European, nothing more than a legend.

Now and again, a person goes missing or a body found as if killed by some creature, are all just reminders the Windigo is still here walking among us.”

The fire started to die out, the grandfather asked his grandson to get some more wood. We both watched John ran up the path back to the house. The grandfather turned to look at me with a smile, for a few seconds, his eye’s appeared odd, as if I was staring into the gaze of a snake. The sound of a car horn drew our attention to the driveway, as my parents arrived to take me back home. When I turned to John’s grandfather, his eyes were normal again. Stunned and confused he pointed over to car and said with a smirk, “Best be going before the Windigo comes.”

I ran over to the car and got in. That night, I could not sleep trying to make sense of what I seen. After a few days, I forgotten about the situation. Several months later, my family had to move after my father found a new job out of the state. John and I tried to keep in touch over the years, but eventually grew apart and lost contact. I have not seen or heard from him in nearly 20 years, until now.

You see, the only reason why I told you about the legend and shared some of my childhood memories, so you could understand and believe what I am about to say. I only now recall the night with John and his grandfather from watching the news a few days ago. The broadcast was reporting the capture of a serial killer believed to have murdered and cannibalized over 30 people. The name mentioned was John. I watched him being escorted by FBI in handcuffs to prison. In a spit second, I swear when he looked towards the camera his eyes appeared like those of his grandfather from that night.

2 thoughts on “Hearts and Windigo Eyes

  1. jfwknifton

    An excellent post, thank you. Personally, I don’t see any reason that the Windigo is not just a local variation on the Bigfoot theme. One thing I seem to remember is that the Windigo is invulnerable to weapons because his fur is covered in stones. Presumably, he used to roll in special mud pits for it to stick to him. A good story though!


    1. Gatekeeper Post author

      Thanks for comment John. I will pass it onto Ed. I read a few of the legends about Windigo and remember one of the few weaknesses of the creature was fire. I know there are claims that silver also hurts it but think that is more of a Hollywood spin on it.



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