The Paranormal Seekers

Hello everyone. In starting the New Year off, a new section is being added to Abnormal Realm featuring experience paranormal groups. This component provide an addition resource for ps1anyone seeking information, aid, assistance or consulting services on matters involving the paranormal. This week I would like to introduce this paranormal investigation team from Oshawa, Ontario, Canada, the Paranormal Seekers. They are a non-profit groups that have investigated a wide variety of locations throughout the province, including museums, historical sites, businesses and private residences.

I had contacted Rachel, the founder of group, through email and had several exchanges where she provided details about Paranormal Seekers. Here is that information in a Q&A format.

What is Paranormal Seeker about?
The Paranormal Seekers set out to investigate the paranormal. The Paranormal Seekers offer services to all types of places, from museums to private residences. The objective of each investigation is to capture evidence of the paranormal. Evidence is then provided to the client. We also provide referral services to those who are seeking other information such as house cleansings, blessings, psychic services, etc.

We try to provide our followers, fans and websites visitors with places that they can visit on their own and, perhaps, have their own ghostly encounters.

We operate as a non-profit team, meaning we do not charge for any investigations. Proceeds from public events are given back to the locations. We do accept donations, but we do not expect them.

How and when the group was formed?
The Paranormal Seekers were founded in 2004. During her first year of College, Rachel met another individual who was taking the same course as her. This person defined herself as a Psychic and after much discussion, Rachel found out that they lived 2 blocks from each other and had numerous identical interests – including ghosts. Due to this person being from out West, Rachel decided to take them to a local national historical site and update them the history of Oshawa. The site was Parkwood Estate, home of Auto baron R. S. McLaughlin (Founder of General Motors). While touring the site, this individual kept asking the tour guide to confirm their feelings. Unfortunately the tour guide was unable to answer any questions, so Rachel decided to email the curator of the site. In these email, Rachel asked if a small group of people (now known as The Paranormal Seekers) could come to the site after hours and take a look around, while the curator could help confirm some of the information being received psychically. Rachel received an email back, which agreed to such a date, including access to areas of the site meant only for employees, etc. Parkwood Estate was The Paranormal Seekers first major investigation.

Who are the members of Paranormal Seeker and their roles?
Rachel – Founder, Lead Investigator.
Jay – Co-Founder, Tech Support, Sensitive
Paula – Infra-Red Specialist, Investigator
Susan – Researcher, Investigator
Vanessa – Investigator
Colin – Photographer, Investigator
Karen – Investigator
Jim – Psychic Medium
Lisa – Investigator
Sean – Investigator

The team’s experience with the paranormal, say how past investigations went?
Each team member of The Paranormal Seekers has had their own type of paranormal ps2activity/experiences throughout their lives to be interested in the paranormal today. Members have also had personal experiences during investigations, and a few of the team members have had the opportunity to share experiences together. The team has come across numerous kinds of ghosts, spirits and entities. While we have yet to come across a “Demonic” entity, we have had to deal with ghosts/spirits that aren’t the nicest. Some members have had attachments and cling-ons (ghosts/spirits that just can’t let go because they are being acknowledged). Members have heard disembodied voices with their own ears and have been verified later on by audio recordings. There have been members who have been touched. Video evidence of objects moving, etc.

Services and resources offered by the group
The Paranormal Seekers works with all kinds of places. We offer our services to Museums, historical sites, businesses and private residences. We conduct investigations into the paranormal activity occurring at the location. The team comes in with an open mind. We aren’t out to prove or debunk, but to investigate. If we come across information or evidence of a haunting, or natural causes, we make sure that the client knows. The Paranormal Seekers also provide an open forum on their website and Facebook pages for people to send messages and get in direct contact with someone from the team to help them in a situation or if they have a question.

The Paranormal Seekers are also a big part of the community – Free seminars, presentations and other events at local libraries, museums, etc. The Paranormal Seekers also put on Public Events, where the public can come join them in investigating local “haunted” locations. These events are fee based, with proceeds going back to the locations, and not the team.

All of our investigations are free of charge.

How can someone contact the group and what processes are done in evaluating cases?
To contact The Paranormal Seekers, you can visit our website and fill out a contact form (, you can send us a message through our Facebook page (The Paranormal Seekers), on Twitter (@ParaSeekers) or you can email us directly at

Once we have received the email, if we feel that we can provided you answers, we will communicate via email. If we feel that a phone conversation is necessary, we will ask you to provide a number and time to call. Our Researcher will then make contact at the appropriate time.

If someone is asking for a private residences investigation, the teams Researcher will conduct a telephone interview. After the telephone interview, it will be decided if a meeting is required for further assessment. We take private residence investigations very seriously as this is someone personal space. The team needs to make sure that we are not putting one another in a predicament or situation that may cause harm to ourselves or others. Once we have assessed the situation, it is then discussed and decided if an investigation should take place, or if the client needs to be referred to another service (Priest, Shaman, etc)

The Paranormal Seekers will provide any Museum, historical location or business with an investigation.

Any tips for those starting in paranormal investigation along with any advice to those seeking information, aid or assistance when involved with any alleged paranormal experience?
For those looking to start investigating – Two of our biggest pieces of advice are:
a) Never Trespass. Always obtain permission. It is not worth your life, or the life of others, to go into a place without the knowledge of the owner/curator, etc. Not only is it unlawful, but it also puts every other paranormal group in a bad light. You don’t want to ruin future opportunities for yourself or other teams.
b) Research. It is the best thing you can do. Even if it seems small and not of much importance, you never know. Never neglect to do it and never only do half. Do as much as you can and you will be surprised.

For those out there who are seeking information, aid/assistance: don’t think you’re the only one experiencing things, or that no one has ever had an experience before. You are not alone and you are not as crazy as you think. If you’re scared, let someone know. If you’re worried, let someone know. Don’t be afraid to tell someone, or email your local paranormal team. Even just to talk to someone about what you are experiencing is a great relief. The Paranormal Seekers are always available to hear and listen to your experiences and concerns, and we try to provide the best answers as quickly as possible. Don’t ever think you are alone in your situation.

I would like to thank you Rachel and the Paranormal Seekers for their time and the information they provided.

The Paranormal Seekers Contact

Website:  Email:

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