The Flatwoods Monster

This past week, I received an interesting email from a reader I would like to share with everyone.  Jane from Michigan asked “Are there any stories of monsters or cryptids within North American to appear before or after an UFO sighting?  If yes, would that make them an alien?” Now, I know there are cases where creatures were spotted within the same area and time frame of a reported UFO.  Whether the situation is coincidence or they are actually an alien, I honestly don’t know.  There are accounts where people have witnessed Bigfoot and UFOs in the same night, but never seen Sasquatch leaving a ship. Another creature that falls under this scenario is known as the Flatwoods monster. It is explained in more detail by this YouTube video I am posting.  Thank you for the great question Jane.  I wish I could have given a more satisfying answer, but I am unable to conclude a cryptid to be an alien if just observed to be in proximity of an UFO sighting.

1 thought on “The Flatwoods Monster

  1. davidcalvert108

    To the best of my knowledge, the only case of a cryptid being directly associated with UFOs is the Varginha, Brazil, case that took place during a wave of UFO sightings in 1996. However, since then, the group of female witnesses associated with the sighting of the creature during that time period were proven to be hoaxers. The UFO sightings, however, were real and were seen by hundreds of independent witnesses over a wide area of the country, suggesting that they, at least, were a true event.



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