Podcast: Is Ufology Dying?

With some time opening up, I will be producing Abnormal Realm podcasts again and on this latest one asking the question is Ufology dying out? As always I invite any feedback, comments or suggestions.

5 thoughts on “Podcast: Is Ufology Dying?

  1. A. D. HALL

    Good Podcast…I think all the UFOlogists have been eclipsed by YouTube and cell phone cameras. UFO sightings that used to be collected and written about in magazines are now available to watch on YouTube. Your readers should check out SuspectSky for the best YouTube UFO videos if you haven’t before.

    I don’t think little green men from outer space have solved the light speed hurdle to get here yet. If they had, I’m sure they would have abducted everyone within the Washington DC beltway and probed them you-know-where to discover the single most puzzling aspect of humanity – why politicians are flaming, lying assholes. A superior intelligence would surely investigate that instead of mutilating cows and making artistic crop circles. But that’s just my opinion. (On the other hand, maybe they have been taken over by reptilians – that could explain a politician)

    I hope you read “Identifying UFO’s” in The Daily Plasma – my theory on UFO’s.


    1. Gatekeeper Post author

      Thanks for checking out Abnormal Realm and the feedback. I will be reading your blog A.D. Hall. As mentioned in the podcast, ufology is not by strong area so I am always looking to expand my knowledge.

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