The Haunted Pillar of Georgia

The Legend of Moll Dyer has become the most viewed article on Abnormal Realm to date. I would like to thank everyone for checking out the blog along with their comments and feedback. There was no surprise in receiving emails asking for more articles on similar stories. As requested, I will be doing a three part series on places, objects or people believed to be cursed. This week’s article looks into the haunted pillar of Georgia.

In August, Georgia, on the curb of Fifth Street stands an old decaying stone pillar. It is all that remains of a market place that was destroyed back in 1878. The column has its own historical marker along with a known dark past. If you ask any local about the pillar, they would warn to best stay away from it. The structure is believed to hold a curse that if anyone was to touch it would result in misfortune, illness or even death.

The pillar was part of large structure known as the Upper and Lower Markets. This center was built in 1830 where residents of Augusta and near by areas would attend to sell or purchase products. The legends says sometime in the late 1800s, an old evangelist visited the city and began to preach at the Market. He hounded the citizen on the need need to turn away from sin along with demanding a church be built for his services. The locals became annoyed of the old man resulting in banning him from the Lower market while some even attempted to run him out of town. The preacher, enrage by such actions, touched the southwest column and declared it would be the only thing standing after a storm to hit the city. Legends also mentions he added a death curse to anyone who tried to move or touch the pillar.

On February 8th , 1878, a tornado hit Augusta and torn though the city for almost a mile. The Lower Market was demolished with only the southwest column standing. Many believed the old preacher’s prediction to have been fulfilled and now feared the curse hanging over pillar. Over the years, there have been many stories told about the misfortunes to occur by those touching the structure. The first account mentioned was during the cleanup of the Lower Market when two workmen were struck by lightning while attempting to move the pillar. Another story told goes back to the 1940s about an out-of-towner dying in a car accident after finishing an unsuccessful run in moving the column with his truck and chain. There is even a tale of a bulldozer operator had died from a heart attack when trying to move the pillar that resulted in all future plans to relocate it to be abandoned.

Today, the column remains as a great tourist attraction drawing in thousands to Augusta every year. Most come to see the pillar for themselves while others to tempt fate by laying their hand on it. In researching the Internet on accounts by those claiming to touch the column some reported nothing happened, yet there are testimonies about having bad luck, illness, or other misfortunes. I have not come across any cases involving a death resulting from the curse pillar. However, there have been paranormal activity reported around the column such as phantom sounds, moving shadows and electrical devices failing. If you ever find yourself In Augusta, Georgia and thinking on trying your luck against the curse, remember you had been warned.


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3 thoughts on “The Haunted Pillar of Georgia

  1. SD Gates

    Very cool story. Why do people want to try and outwit a curse? Boggles the mind!!!! Because once it is upon you, there is no going back!!! Can’t just say – Oops I was kidding – sorry!!! What’s done is done!



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