Ghosts of Fort George

One of the first convention I ever attended was at a hotel in Toronto. There I have seen the latest in ghost hunting equipment, talked with several paranormal groups and learn of the newest research. I remember while attending a question and answer session with one of the guest speakers, someone asked what places would likely to be more haunted one could investigate. His answer was not the cemeteries or burial grounds, but areas that seen and experience the worst of human atrocities such as prison and battlefields. The example he gave which is the final installment of the most haunted places on earth series is Fort Gorge in southern Ontario.

Fort George is a historical military site that was built at Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario by the British Army in 1769. The site served as the headquarters for British forces within the area and was a scene of massive fighting during the War of 1812. The fort was taken over by American forces in 1813 and became a staging area for their invasion of Upper Canada. Eventually, Fort George was retaken by the British, but suffered heavy damage by the end of the war. Over the years, the site was rebuilt and continued to serve a military function such as a training base for Canadian forces during the first and second Word War. Fort George was abandon by the military in 1965, yet later become a National Historical Site of Canada. Today Fort George is known for yearly reenacts and the paranormal activity occurring within its walls. It has been dubbed one of the most haunted forts in the world.

Paranormal experience have been reported at Fort George not only by tourist and employees, but also accounts going back a century from soldiers who once occupied the site. There have been many different supernatural occurrences being encountered within the fortification. People have reported confronting apparitions of ghosts such as soldiers appearing out of nowhere. Some experienced poltergeist phenomena where unseen forces would close doors, move objects and even push people. One common instance many said they had is hearing gunfire, artillery shells and people screaming as there was a battle raging within the fort. Other encounters mentioned are strange lights, orbs, ghosts of children and the newest development is UFOs sightings by the structure. Many believe the paranormal activity within the walls of Fort George are caused by the ghosts of those who died in the War of 1812.

Since 1994, haunted ghost tours have been held within Fort George and maybe one of the longest running within the region. Many paranormal groups have converged upon the site over the years to investigate its supernatural happenings. Several had claimed not only have to brush against, but record the paranormal as video, EVPs, etc. Skeptics allege the stories of Fort George nothing more than fabrications to drum up business into the area. As with everything dealing in the paranormal the final decision to believe or not lies with you.


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