The Ancient Ram Inn

Back in the mid 90s, one of the first ghost hunting groups I joined wanted to investigate this park that was believed to be the most haunted place in the city. There were stories told for decades of ghosts, moving shadows, strange lights, and other unearthly events occurring. The nights we spent there yielded nothing, but taught the valuable lesson of patience as the paranormal will not be active at your convenience. There are a few locations on the planet where the forces of the supernatural are said to never stop occurring and each night becomes a terror. In the second installment of the most haunted places on earth series, we look into the Ancient Ram Inn.

In the village, of Wotton-under-Eedge, Gloucestershire, UK, lays the Bed and Breakfast the Ancient Ram Inn. The building is believed to be built in the 1150, once owned by the St. Mary’s Church to serve as the priest’s residence. The property has gone through many hands, but is currently privately own by Mr. Humphries who purchase the place back in 1968. The Ancient Ram Inn has been dubbed the most haunted building in the UK and in the world. If the nightly paranormal activity don’t scare you then its history should.

The building has been claimed to be built on an ancient Pagan burial ground which remains me of a few of those haunted stories in the US that start with native burial site. The history becomes even darker once learning of the legends surrounding the Ancient Ram Inn. Tales of past inhabitants murdered in their own beds, a witch burnt at the stake and rituals of dark magic performed. Human sacrifice and Devil worship are believed to had happened in the past as Mr. Humphries found human remains and daggers within his home.

Since the building became a Bed and Breakfast, many to stayed the night report of paranormal activity. Guests claimed awaken at night by unearthly screams of women or children crying. Accounts given of seeing shadowy figures, orbs appearing, and the apparitions of knights and monks. There are allegations of individuals to been pushed, hit or pulled out their beds by unseen forces causing a few incidents of guests running off terrorized in the middle of the night. The owner says he had similar experiences since taking ownership of the inn and to this day is still assaulted by those entities.

Over the past two decades many paranormal groups have come to Ancient Ram Inn to investigate the supernatural inhabiting the place. Many had claimed to capture EVPs of tormented ghosts, filmed moving orbs, communicated with the spirits and warned of the presence of demonic forces. Also, I would like to mention skeptics have too spent the night at the inn and found nothing paranormal about it. They alleged that all paranormal claims are made up to stir up business. Haunted or hoax, determine that for yourself by spending night at the Ancient Ram Inn.


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