The Haunted Island of Poveglia

In every city, there is a place that local residents are aware of.  Whether its a home, office, abandon building or a park everyone has heard the rumors of it being haunted. The story begins with a murder, suicide or some tragic death then decades later tales circulated of the paranormal activity within the area. Some would believe, while others would scoff, but everyone knows of the place. In a three part series, I wish to share the stories of several locations on earth whose haunted history has now become global known by first starting with Poveglia Island.

Poveglia is small 17 acre island located in the Venetian Lagoon between the cities of Venice and Lido in northern Italy. In the past few decades the island has taken upon the reputation of being one of the most haunted locations on earth. Poveglia holds may tales of paranormal activity occurring going back for centuries. Local residents refuse to set foot on the island believing they would be cursed by those haunting it.

History of Povelgia is a dark one surrounded in death. There are beliefs that the Romans had used it to isolate victims of the plague and the mental ill. The first recorded settlement of the island was in 460 AD of people fleeing the invading barbarians on the main land. Over the centuries, Poveglian was the scene for many battles as people sought to raid or control it. During the Middle Ages, the island was designated as a quarantine area and burial site for those who contracted the Black Death.

Over the next few centuries, Poveglia served as a fort, storage of shipment goods and continued as an isolating station for those infected with the plague. In the 1920s, the island was setup as a hospital for the mentally ill and elderly. Soon, stories started to emerge of patients encountering ghosts along with accounts of being possessed. There is a legend of doctor who conducted medical experiments on the hospital’s residents that was driven insane by the spirits to committing suicide. In 1968, the facility was closed and abandoned.

Today the island has been deemed as one of the most haunted places on the planet. Historical researchers estimate more than 100,000 died on Povelgia in its history and many of those souls are believed still residing there. Locals avoid going onto the island along with fishermen steer clear of its waters as a few had caught human remains in their nets. The few paranormal investigators that braved Povelgia had reported encountering alot paranormal activity with claims of being attack by unseen forces. In 2014, the Italian government sold the island to developer in hopes the island could be made into a resort. Currently, rumors on the internet have said that the workers sent to survey the island had an experience and refuse to return.


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4 thoughts on “The Haunted Island of Poveglia

  1. SD Gates

    I think “Ghost Adenturers” did a bit on this. Who in their right mind would think this could made into a resort? Are they nuts? I can imagine once they started renovation that would just totally piss off whatever haunts it now. No way would I go near that place.


      1. SD Gates

        I think they would probably do quite well with the ghost tours. You’d never catch me going on that island. Seems way too evil!


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