Laser Tag With Ghosts

When trying to document evidence of paranormal activity, one of the most common techniques used is continuous video surveillance. Back in the day of VCR s, you would go through hours of tape hoping for some physical manifestation to been recorded, but in end the result was either nothing or if something did appearing it was under a second which could be argued as an orb or dust. This is where I learn of other techniques could be employed in the filming procedure to help in the detection of ghost. An example would be placing a compass or EMF reader off to the side of the area being recorded that if they were to suddenly react it would be documented on video. One of the newest methods I had come across in determining if a ghost or spirit was taped is the laser grid which concludes my series of lesser know paranormal investigation equipment.

The laser grid is one of the newer devices used by paranormal groups on conducted investigations. This gear is a laser pointer equipped with an optical glass lens which could be adjusted to scatter the beam into different patterns of light. The laser could be set to beam a grid of dots across a wall, ceiling or any flat surface. Now it could project a number of different colours, yet the more preferred one among ghost hunters is green. If your question is why green the answer is it’s a greater visible light of laser.

The concept of this instrument is to project the laser grid across the wall of the area you are investigating. Then, use a video camera to monitor and record any movement that occurs within the pattern. The idea is if anything pass in front of the device, sections of the grid will be blocked out. The lights allow greater analyze in detecting motion, shadows, shapes, distance and dimensions. The laser grid could also be used to remove other possibilities believed to be paranormal activity,

Myself, I have only seen the laser grid used in a floor demonstrated. In reviewing the videos and documents of paranormal groups utilizing this device in their investigations, many claim it to be useful and a necessary tool. Some alleged the laser grid has helped in determining the presence of ghost, orbs and even shadow people within video recordings. In the near future, I plan to join on a ghost hunt with a local group and see what the laser grid has to offer which will be posted on the blog.


“Laser Grid”. Paranormal Files. Accessed March 10, 2015.

8 thoughts on “Laser Tag With Ghosts

    1. Gatekeeper Post author

      I remember awhile back on reading some information on how some paranormal groups believe spirits, ghosts, or orbs could be better detected or their movement in IR light.


  1. Alexis Rivell

    Reblogged this on Paranormal Activity and commented:
    After reading this post, I could not help but wonder what other forms of lighting could be used to detect paranormal activity. I kept imagining myself perusing the shelves at Spencer’s and looking at all of the party lights and room decor and wondering if any of them would be useful in the field. I kept zoning in on the plasma ball. A plasma ball has a light that when you touch the ball, the light beam follows your hand. I wonder if you taped this could you follow the light and note any abnormal activity?



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