Were There Giants on Earth?

Still on the road for another week and living out of a bag. Last night was watching an interesting show involving the search for giants within North America. In the series, the investigators are following leads of reports of giant skeletal remains unearth over a century ago with the objective of finding them. Here is a YouTube I found giving more explanation on giants.

2 thoughts on “Were There Giants on Earth?

  1. Roberto Peron

    Anything is possible and when it comes to human Pre-history we still have many unknowns. In regards to Gigantopithecus few fossil remains of this giant ape have been found and those consist of some teeth and jawbones. However, we have no skeleton and our theories about how big this ape was are speculative at best. Was it more closely related to archaic humans such as Homo erectus? Fact is we don’t know but if it is then that would make it an ancient human ancestor and that would change everything we THINK we know about human evolution.



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