New Years and The Old House Woods

I would like to wish everyone Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year. With the season upon us, I will be taking some time with family and friends. I will see everyone back in 2015 at Abnormal Realms with new articles about the paranormal perhaps along with some new features. I hve been entertaining the idea of a podcast or even an internet radio station. Let me know on your thoughts on this by email. Now let’s end 2014 by concluding the series on haunted forests with Old House Woods.

In Diggs, Virginia, near Chesapeake Bay, lays 50 acres of woods and marshland called Old House Woods. The name originates from an old stone house within the forest built in the late 1700s, however it was destroyed by a fire early in the 20th century. The area has been known to be haunted and many of its paranormal activity reported for over two centuries. Old House Woods holds some bizarre ghosts stories, tales of buried treasure, along with a number of urban legends ranging from murders to a government secret base.

In the forest, there have been many accounts of strange paranormal phenomena witnessed or encountered. One of the most odd cases of ghosts sightings reported is of a ghost ship resembling an old Spanish galleon that sails from the sea onto the land then floats above the tree tops then vanishes. There has been tales of Colonial British soldiers roaming through the forest, skeletons wearing medieval armour wielding swords and humanoid shaped shadows lurking between the trees. On many occasions unknown diggers were spotted to sudden appear and disappear throughout Old House Woods.

Other unearthly apparitions had been said to be wondering the woods. Stories about unusual lights and flying green orbs coming out at night. Not only human, but animal specters have been confronted in the forest. Over the years, tales told about black horses and ravens sudden materializing, headless cows grazing and the scariest one is black dogs emerging out Old House Woods to attack you. Also, a legend about a mysterious fog that would quickly pop up and if anyone was to enter it they would never be seen again.

The Old House Woods has been investigated and studied by many paranormal research groups. There are claims of EVPS, images recording, and other documented evidence of the paranormal activity in the forest. Lately local private property owners and authorities have requested the area be left alone or face trespassing charges


“Old House Woods”. Accessed December 15, 2014.

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