The Haunted Forest of Hoia-Baciu

Since ancient times, the forest has inspired fear and nightmares within the human imagination. It has been the set for many tales and legends throughout the centuries even to this day within the movies. One could easily be filled with uneasy when walking in the woods, but picture what would occur if you discovered the area was home to the paranormal. In a three part series, I would like to share with everyone several of most alleged haunted forests in the world by first introducing Hoia Bacius.

Hoia-Baciu forest is an over 250 hectare of woodland situated west of the city of Cluj-Napoca in Romania. The area is known for recreation sports along with biking trails, but its true reputation is much darker. The forest is believed to be haunted and very alive with paranormal activity. It has been dubbed as the most haunted forest in the world and even refereed as the Bermuda Triangle of Romania. The forest was named after a shepherd who disappeared with hundreds of sheep in the area.

Ghosts, strange lights, unearthly voices and other paranormal phenomena to occur within Hoia-Baciu Forest have been reported over the centuries. The latest activity to develop over the past few decades is UFO sightings, which what gave fame to the woods. In the 1960s, a biologist named Alexandru Sift taken several pictures of a strange object flying over the forest. Hoai-Bacriu is well known by locals to be haunted which they avoid entering let alone speaks its name out of fear of becoming cursed.

The forest is described as bizarre in appearance with twisted and malformed trees and branches. Those entering Hoia-Baciu reported experiencing anxiety along with feelings of being watch. There are accounts of encounters with ghostly apparitions, disembodied voices screaming in the distance and poltergeist activity. People have told stories of suddenly become ill or developing a strange rash the longer they remain in the area. Additional paranormal phenomenon mentioned to occur in the forest are malfunctioning electrical equipment, floating orbs of light, missing time, unknown faces and shapes appearing on film and physical attacks by unseen forces. One of the darker elements about of Hoia-Baciu is the unknown number of disappearances to have occurred

In the past 20 years, paranormal investigators and groups had descended upon Hoai-Bacriu to research and study the forest. Some believe the activity is the result of tormented ghosts trapped within the woods. Others would claim the phenomenon is of alien and UFO activity in the area. There are the few that say the forest is a gateway or a portal to another dimension. According to rumours on the Internet, a paranormal group had disappearing while conducted an investigation adding more mystery to Hoai-Bacriu which maybe falsified as a movie about the area was made a few years ago.


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