The White Ghost Lady

Every city to small towns holds its own tale of ghosts, hauntings or urban legends, the first one I heard as a kid was the legend of the white ghost lady. Now the white lady is a female ghost, who appears in a white dress of gown, the victim of a traumatic or tragic event, haunting the area of their death. This legend could be found throughout the world from the La Llorona of Mexico to Den Hvite Dame of Norway. The scary tales of the white lady are the ones killed by a lover and now seek revenge by luring young men to their deaths which is famous talewhere I am from.

North of the city where I grew up in, is a rural park that has been the centre of many ghost stories since I was a child, but the one everyone heard was the white ghost lady. The tale has many variations but the two most common are the ghost of a native maiden ravaged by early European settlers or a local woman murdered 70 years ago by a jealousy husband. Despite the origins of this legend, sightings of her could be recalled back to my grandfather time along with deaths of young men within the area. Whether coincidence, truth to the tale or whatever, I remember of three deaths involving young men within the park over the years. Two died by drowning while the other fell victim to a hit and run by the nearby road. This is maybe a local ghost story but there are those I know who refuse to enter the park after dark.

Other White Ghost Ladies:

The White Lady of Will Park in Merseyside, England.

The ghost of Durand-Eastman Park in Rochester, New York.

The Silk Lady haunting a highway in Madisonville, Louisiana

Other Sources of Reading Material:

Haughton, Brain. (2012). Haunted Ghosts and The Paranormal: Famous Ghost Stories. New York. The Rosen Publishing Group

2 thoughts on “The White Ghost Lady

  1. Kaine Andrews

    I love the Woman in White and all it’s variants; I suspect a large part of why I started following Supernatural was due to it being the “monster of the week” for the series premiere.



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