Phantom Phone Calls

In the mid-1990s, while attending night classes, I became informed of an interesting phenomenon involving communication with the dead. The situation goes as follows, a family member or friend is in the hospital dying, the person would have a dream or vision of that love one appearing to them saying goodbye or some other comfortable words, knowing they had now passed on before being informed of the death. This is a fascinating topic, as I known of a few friends to have gone through similar events.

Now an even more stranger occurrence is the phenomenon “phantom phone calls”, which I first encountered at a convention. The situation is similar to the events mentioned earlier, but instead of appearing in a dream or vision, the decease communicates through the phone. What happens is a person receives a phone call, they hear a distance, echoing voice they recognized as a love one dying in the hospital who says a last minute goodbye or “I love you” and later, the person is discovered to died minutes before the call. The events become even more bizarre, as any attempt to trace the origins of the call lead to dead ends, such as caller ID displaying only zeros or the phone companies unable to find any records of a dialed number. Over the past 20 years, this phenomenon continued to increase with more stories involving phantom calls recorded as messages or made on cell phones.

Other Sources of Information
“Ghost Phone Calls from The Dead.” Communication with the Dead.

“Phantom Phone Calls”. Ghost and Hauntings.

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