The Adze

In the past, as part of learning about the paranormal, I have done research into the several legends and myths within the world. This included folklore about vampires, werewolves, magic, faeries, ghosts and mythical creatures. I found some of these legends to be more frightening than any movie, novel or other works of fiction. The one lore I found most fascinating about was the vampire. In every culture and society, there are tales about a creature, entity or a demon who feeds on human blood to survive. I will be writing several articles to share a few of these vampire legends I came across with everyone. We begin with the Adze from Africa.

In the southern Togo, the Ewe people tell a legend about a fearsome vampire called the Adze. The creature in some stories is said to be a spirit, while others calm it is of flesh, but all described its natural form to be a hunched back humanoid with sharp talond and jet black skin. Encountering the Adze in this state means certain death as this vampire will kill its victims, drain the blood and then devour the heart and liver.

The Adze is believed to possess magical abilities including the ability to shape shift into insects, more specificity the firefly. As an insect, this African vampire could easily gain access into homes, evade detection and instantly escape if discovered. In the legend, the Adze feeds by taking on the form of a firefly, enters the house, lays on the person’s face and drains the blood through the lips. Despite its size, it can kill a person, especially if the victim is a child that the Adze prefers.

The vampire could also dominate people by either possession or mentally control. The Adze only desires those who can cast magic to being its host or subordinates. In the region, anyone regraded as a sorcerer or a witch is assumed to be in league with or the creature itself.

In like most vampire legends, fighting the creature is not easy and is usually fatal. According to folklore, while in insect form, the Adze is indestructible, but there are a couple of ways it can be defeated. The first one is to capture the vampire as an insect and starve it. The other way is to trick or force the Adze to revert to its humanoid form which can be killed, but now to face a creature with inhuman strength and sharp talons.

The Adze is just one of the many legends within the world about vampires. Like ghosts, magic and other mythical creatures, its recognized globally which makes one wonder if such a creature ever existed? Hope you enjoy this article as more are to soon follow.

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