The Devil’s Tramping Ground

North Carolina holds many legends and mysteries and one of its oldest is the Devil’s Tramping Ground. South of Silver City, in the forest near Harper’s Crossroads, lays a barren circle of ground which nothing has grown within it for centuries and believed haunted. This patch of land is about forty feet in diameter and has been known before the War of Independence. The Devil Tramping Ground most renowned mystery is nothing grows within the patch dispute all effects in the past century to seed it or transplanted vegetation. Investigations made by the government agencies offer no explanation to the lack of plant growth. To deepen the weirdness of this place, is the abnormal behaviour of animals, especial in dogs, to avoid entering the circle.

The Devil’s Tramping Ground is the subject of many myths, from the grave of a native god to a druid ritual site, but the most known legend is that it is the very place the devil himself rises from hell and paces while plotting humanity’s demise, hence the name. The modern twisted added to the circle’s tales was it originated from an UFO’s landing or the opening of an extra-dimensional portal. Along with legends, there are reports of paranormal phenomenon surrounding the Devil’s Tramping Ground, such as objects placed with the circle thrown out by unseen forces, sightings of ghosts at night or appearance of flashing orbs of lights. One unconfirmed occurrence is no one has yet to spend a full night within the circle as those brave enough to attempt reported having experience something horrible.

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