Can You Exorcise?

I remember the first paranormal group I joined almost 20 years ago. The members were knowledgeable in everything from parapsychology to conducting investigators and I felt confident enough they could handle any matter. I asked them about concerns on what to do if a hostile entity is encountered. After a moment of silence, followed by everyone looking to each other for an answer with only the response of “We see what happens” made me aware of the reality that no one knew. Lucky for us, such an encounter never occurred.

The issue I am addressing is not every paranormal group out there is equiped to handle certain situations, be it either confronting a hostile entity or removing a ghost a home owner wishes not to roommate with. What I mean here is any investigation team with little or no knowledge, experience or skill in performing any cleansing, blessing, consecration, exorcism, etc. Now this is not target anyone specific, but to point out what I believe is a growing problem. Here is an example, while attending a convention 9 years ago, I talked with four local paranormal groups. Two of them had some experience in the removal of spirits while the others where to consult with the other team or “we cross the bridge when it comes” I know not everyone is an exorcist, but there should be some plan in place if a situation occurs.

Now my advice to those needing help with supernatural forces, ensure the paranormal group you call has some experience on such matters or a plan to follow. Last thing you need is someone trying to make a name for themselves or a bunch of first time thrill seekers. Advice for newly formed groups, do not try to engage any supernatural forces by yourself by reading out of a book or doing a ritual off the Internet. It’s dangerous and you may only escalate the situation. Seek the aid of more experienced individuals by asking for advice, consulting or mentoring. Again to reemphasize how important in having someone able to do blessings, cleansing, whatever on hand should any circumstance arise for the need of one.

1 thought on “Can You Exorcise?

  1. mainlyblue

    I briefly joined a paranormal group….though I refuse to have my house investigated I think it is intrusive …..and I know we have activity… I occasionally try to communicate but in a very low key way. I quit for that very reason I was feeling guilty going against my own dwellings and this group was purely investigate and tell the client what was documented…. they wouldn’t have a clue how to handle a malevolent situation.. I have had some training from a renowned medium..Maryanne Winkowski…she was the basis of the show drama not reality “the ghost whisperer” she happens to live about 15 miles from me and I have taken some of her seminars….thie paranormal group was never open to suggestions, their way or the highway…they were not interested in studying the basis of these occurances…just the scientific results..which is fine and dandy but then what does the client do. I could go on and on but sounds like you like me are more interested in the basis of these anomallies.



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