The Battle for Los Angeles

During World War Two, many weird and inhuman events occurred that went behind the norms of reality. There were stories on weaponizing the occult, super soldier experiments, UFOs, unearthly technologies, mad scientist and so on. One incident to developed which is still be talked about to this very day is the Battle of Los Angeles.

Three months had passed since the attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese Imperial Navy’s forces on December 7, 1941. Cities along the Pacific Coast were on high alert to the possibility of an enemy attack. Come the morning of February 25, 1942 alarms went off as an aircraft was spotted over Culver City. Black out was order over the area as air raid wardens placed themselves anticipating for a wave of Japanese fighter planes.

Military personnel along with civilians would be shocked not to find enemy planes overhead but a large UFO. As spotlights locked onto the craft, machine guns and anti-aircraft artillery fired into the object. Witness reported that the rounds were directly hitting the craft, yet there was no damage. The barrage continued for a while, but eventually the UFO pull away as spotlights and anti-aircraft fire followed until it disappeared. Within several hours the black out was lifted and the all clear was given.

The incident had left a devastating aftermath come the morning. During the barrage, several civilians got killed and injuries by falling anti-aircraft shell fragments or involved in accidents during the chaos. There was much confusion what many had witnessed along with question why local fighter pilots remain after being alerted. In the wake of the event, a statement was given that the air raid was a false alarm while newspapers reported the story front-page.

Over 70 years later, the Battle of Los Angeles remains a hot topic among Ufologists. They consider this as documented evidence to the existence of UFOs. The US government along with the Air Force regard the incident as nothing more than war-time nerves and miidentification of weather balloons.


Source of Information

Ploeg, Dirk. “The Untold Story of the Battle of Los Angeles”. UFO Digest. August 20, 2014.

From the LA Times

From the LA Times

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