The New Jersey’s Devil

In the Jersey state, there is a local legend of a devil born around Scotts Landing Road, in Leeds Point more than 250 years ago. Today, people report of seeing a large winged creature within the woods. There are many different stories to the origin of the New Jersey Devil, but the most known and popular one is the child of Jane Leeds.

As the legend goes, in 1735, Jane Leeds found herself to be pregnant and already the mother of 12 children. With an extra mouth to feed in the family, life would become more difficult then what it was, so she wished the child to be a devil, having it was a curse. Then on a stormy night, the Leeds mother gave birth to a boy with the assistance of a midwife. Moments after the birth, the child began to grow a serpent’s tail while horns sprang form his head. His face turned into a horse’s head, his eyes become red and bat wings grew from his back. Black fur covered the body and the child grew larger than a man. The story continues on with the devil killing the midwife, climbed up through the chimney and flew off into the night sky.

Over the years, the Jersey’s devil has been sited in different areas throughout the state, witnesses describing the creature as mentioned in the legend. It has been blamed for bad crops, the death of livestock and even the disappearance of people. Something has been seen by local people for more than 250 years and if the legend is true then a devil walks within the woods.

A few reports of the New Jersey’s Devil:

In the 1800s, Stephen Decatur claimed to fire a cannon ball at the Jersey Devil that had little effect was the creature flew off.

While hunting on his estate, Joseph Bonaparate reported he saw the creature during the early 1800s

In 1899, life stock had disappeared in Vincentown and Burrsville which was blamed on the Devil.

In the new year of 1909, thousands of people in 20 different towns had seen the devil hold the Delaware Valley in a state of panic. In Burlington, there were report of the hoof prints on the ground and on roof tops.

In Gibbstown, around 1951, a 10 year old boy was nearly attacked by a creature describe to be 7 feet tall and hairy. Locals tried to track it down but never found the Devil.

In 1987, a dog was found to be torn apart in Vineland with strange tracks in the yard where the animal was killed.

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