Alien Hand Syndrome

Ever heard of alien hand syndrome? Here is a video I found about it on YouTube.

1 thought on “Alien Hand Syndrome

  1. Rayne

    this Alien Hand Syndrome is caused by a demon. I had this Alien Hand Syndrome before and it happened to me one night. My left hand pushed the pillow towards my face and i cant breathe. And i heard a growl that was in pain when i called God to help me coz i cant breathe anymore. My left hand is pushing the pillow so hard to my face and i cannot make my left hand stop.My left hand that night is so strong its like a steel. I saw a demon in front of me while the pillow is moving and i heard a growl and after seconds there was a light a very very bright light it passed through the pillow and then my left hand loosed the pillow and i took the pillow out of my face and i saw an angel dragging the demon away from me, i will never forget this experience of mine. This happened to me when i was alone in my room that night. That demon paralyzed my whole body too that night so there is way for me to fght it. God is the only one who helped me that night when i called for his help inside my head.



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