How to Tell if Your Home is Haunted or Not

Over the years, I helped out friends move into either new apartments or houses and anusually pattern had developed Most of them, within a month, would invite me over to their new place to determine if its haunted, after experiencing something out of the ordinary. This often occurrs, as I am the only person my friends know to possess knowledge about the paranormal. After pocking around, I could find the causes to their encounters, be it leaking pipes, lose floor board, or mice crawling in the walls. Like my friends, seems to me new home owners, after coming across a smell, a noise or something they can’t explain, automatically assume their residence to haunted. Usually in these cases, there are a reasonable explanations other than ghost. Here are some tips to follow to determine if paranormal forces are residing within your home.

1. Try to find rational reasons for what is occurring and eliminate the obvious. This means taking a flash light to those shadows that appears moving. Check for loose flooring or weaken walls causing creaking sounds. Cold spots may be the result of poorly insulted windows.

2. Call in professional home inspections. Now not all of us are experts in plumbing, carpentry or electrical and calling in a pros may help explain what is being heard or seen. On one occasion, pest control found a raccoon in my friend’s attic, and a month before he would swear hearing footsteps coming from the ceiling at night.

3. Keep a journal of your experiences, in recording the date and time along with the phenomena that happen. If possible try to take pictures and record any video or audio of what you are encountering. Any evidence could be helpful in determining whats in the house.

4. Research the history of the building and surrounding area. Go to the library, ask the neighbours, even check records at city hall for any tragic events that occurred in past.

5. When all other options are exhausted, then contacted a paranormal group and request for their assistance. If the activity has reached a dangerous point, don’t be afraid to call them sooner. Be certain the paranormal group is not only experience in investigations but also in removal of spirits, ghosts and other entities.

These are just a few tips in helping to determine if one’s home is haunted. Keep in mind, any choices made or actions taken to events occurring is solely the individual’s responsibility.

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