The Vanishing Village

In the years spent reading about the paranormal, stories about mysterious disappearances like those reported within the Bermuda Triangle, the lost colony of Roahoke or the case of Oion Williamson had always peaked my interest. I would like to share with everyone this tale about an entire village vanishing within Northern Canada. As the story goes, in the 1930s, Joe Labelle, a fur trapper was snow shoeing to an Eskimo fishing village located on the Shores of Lake Anjikuni, he frequently visited on his travels. When he reached the village seeking sheltered for the night, he discovered there was no one in sight. Labelle searched through every building, fires lit and food cooking, yet out of the 2000 residence, not one single soul was around.

Unable to find tracks, dog sleds or any trace to the where about of the people Lasbelle made his way to the nearest telegraph office to alert Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Within hours, the RCMP dispatch an unit to investigate, only to report the village to been abandoned and no trace of its residents.There have been variations of the story where sled dogs were found dead, ancestral graves were dug up, and so on. The vanishing village story appeared in several books over the years, featured and debunked on TV shows. I have not been able to find any official documents to the validate this event. The RCMP has dismissed this story and claimed to be more than a urban legend.

Source of Information

JoHarrington. “The Ongoing Mystery of the Lake Anjikuni Village Disappearances.” Bubblews. Jan. 13 2014. http://www.bubblews.

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