About the Blog & Me

As a teenage, my fascination with the paranormal began a journey to learn everything about the unknown through books, movies and documentaries. After graduating high school, I attempted to pursuit a career within the parapsychology field by attending night classes, going to seminars, joining a local group of ghost hunters and even forming my own paranormal team. In the end, the reality was sneaking around in graveyards and empty buildings wasn’t paying the bills or rent while working part time was barely feeding me. Eventually I went to college, got into a trade, but never abandoned my interest in learning about the unknown.

A decade has now passed since my last ghost hunt and these days I spend time conducting my own research and studies into the paranormal. The Internet granted me access to more resources than I could ever find at the library or convention. Over the years, there seems to be this growing difficult in navigating online as information is scattered, subjects with too much or too little details, waves of conflicting opinions and an increasing number of alleged paranormal experts. This had inspired me to create a site  sharing my knowledge along with data on ghosts, spirits, cryptids, UFOs and other elements of the unknown to aid or provide some direction to those seeking to learn more of such phenomena. This blog was developed to be an online source for news, articles, information and other resources involving the paranormal. Welcome to the Abnormal Realm.

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