The Numinous Storm Has Come

I would like the announcement the publication of The Numinous Storm. A supernatural tale by David Calvert adapted, and co-authored, from a short story by Vince Bios. Check out the story by either the links or going to The Numinous Storm Section on Abnormal Realm. Let us know what you think of the story in the comments and as always feedback is welcomed.

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The Giant Sloth of the Rainforest

If you thought you knew about all the cryptids, think again! Have you heard about the giant sloth creature of the South American Rainforests called Mapinguari? Also called Isnashi, the Mapinguari is a huge creature known to be one of the scariest beasts. Though a common belief is that this legendary creature had become extinct long ago, there have been some sightings reported and some speculations that they still can be found in the deep jungles of Bolivia and Brazil.

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What Is The Black Stick Man?

This week I received an email with a link to a YouTube video from an anonymous sender. The video I watched discussed about an alleged paranormal phenomenon occurring called the Black Stick Man which until viewing knew nothing about. In the video, this entity or entities have only been recently exposed as more sightings are reported. After watching this video, I done some research on the Black Stick Man and found knowledge of it originates off the Internet much like Sheepsquatch with next to nothing mentioned in books or newspapers articles prior to 1996. In my opinion, I question its authenticity, however here is the video to make your own judgment. If anyone recalls of any reported sightings made before the Internet like in a magazine or news article please contact me about it.



The Olgoi-Khorkoi

The infamous sands of the Gobi desert have many secrets. Few are capable and willing to venture deep into its territory, but those that do may have more to worry about than the blazing heat and dehydration. It is said, that a mysterious and deadly creature, the Olgoi-Khorkoi or Mongolian Death Worm, lives deep underground roughly around the prohibited area of the disputed Mongolian-Chinese border. With the first sighting recorded almost a thousand years ago, numerous eye-witness accounts and hundreds of vivid depictions, this creature has taken a hold of the minds of adventurers and paranormal researchers for generations.

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