A Working Summer Break

While summer is here and work up to this point has been slow. The reality of the situation is I need to find some causal or part-time work and will be taking a two month break from posting on Abnormal Realm. Also, my five year old computer is starting to show its age and will need to use it sparingly until a new one is purchased. Upon my return in September, there are plans to add a few new features to the blog. Have a safe and fun summer.


Why Dolls Creep Me Out

A haunted doll is a manufactured or handmade doll believed to be possessed, cured or haunted by paranormal forces. The item could had been used in an instrument in a magical ritual or been personal item to someone when they were alive but now the spirit becomes attached to the toy. There are a number of these dolls to exist within the world where some known locally while others reached global recognize through the internet. This YouTube Video talks about a few of them along with mysterious forces surrounding then.



Flying Humanoids: The Houston Batman

Cryptozoology is the study of animals, plants and other creatures that have not yet been accepted by science to exist or be real. Creatures that are studied and investigated by cryptozoologists are called cryptids. There are classifications of these cryptids into categories such as mammals, hominids, birds, legendary, extraterrestrial and so on. One unusual group listed in cryptozoology involves creatures labeled as winged humanoids. They are beings with human like or shaped bodies possessing the ability of flight by means of feather or bat-like wings. The New Jersey Devil, the Mothman and the Owlman of Cornwall would fall under this category along with a lesser known cryptid the Houston Batman

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Humanity in the Future?

As a teenage, I always enjoyed post apocalyptic shows such as Planet of the Apes from the 70s, Mad Max and the Terminator. Whether the film was horror or sci-fi, any plot involving humanity on the verge of annihilation or extinction, the lone group of survivors who were able to over come impossible odds in defeating the enemy which could be aliens, A.I. zombies, mutants, etc was entertaining. In my mind these possible threats were only in the realm of fiction, while thoughts of a more realistic future for the human race would be the Jettisons or Star Trek. Over the years, I found what was once in the domain of science fictions seem more to becoming more of a reality. In the news, on the Internet, almost anywhere you hear warnings about the dangers posed by A.I, genetic modifications, medical research and so on. Currently one immediate threat that is on everyone’s mind is climate change. In talking with a reader this pass week, he introduced me to a YouTube video which I felt should be shared.  It may sound like a movie at first, but is a possible future for humanity.



Atmospheric Beasts: Revision

Since 2014, I came to learn of two new creatures classified within cryptozology. Back in January of that year, a friend informed me about Batasquatch which I believe maybe another internet fabrication after hearing about Sheepsquatch. Articles about both creatures are posted on Abnormal Realm. In addition, I became aware of the other cryptid, atmospheric beasts, being the main subject of this article.

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