This Guy Needs No Haircut

Back in the 80s, the local mall held a few Halloween events where children attended to paint, get free candy, see a puppet show or watch a magician. During this time, I went to one and had my first introduction to the concept of the Headless Horseman. At eight years old, I knew the adults were in costumes, however seeing someone walking around with no mask or no head had me bewildered in trying to figure out what I seen. To my relief, a head peeked through the chest to drink some pop revealing the man in a some costume. When I asked the individual what he dressed up as, his response was the Headless Horseman from the Legend of Sleepy Hollow. A few years would pass before I would read the story along with the myth of the Irish dullahan in the final installment about monsters of nightmares series.

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Yurei Hails For A Taxi

I remember one Halloween, when I was 6 or 7 years old, wanting to dress in something scary while trick or treating. Around that time, my whole understanding of scary monsters were ghosts, dragons, bridge troll or any villain from a fairy tale. Keep in mind this was all before the Internet, DVD s, and even before VCR s with the only access to entertainment included books along with 12 channels on television. My final choice was a ghost and with mom’s help I dawn on the classic costume of an old bed sheet that had two eye holes cut out. This Halloween will have many spirits floating around as we look into the Japanese lore of Yurei in this week’s installment about monsters of nightmares.

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October with Ole Higue

Hello everyone, we are now in October which means Halloween is just around the corner along with Thanksgiving if you live in Canada. Since childhood, I always enjoyed this month as it brings gathering of family and friends, pumpkin pie, costume parties, and nights of free candy. One thing I look forward to during October is watching horror movies whether on television or at the movies. The vampires, werewolves, ghosts and other monsters from these flick delivered many hours of entertainment. In the spirit of Halloween, I will introduce you to other creatures of nightmares in a three part series, first beginning with the Ole Higue.

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The Ratman of Southend

I always love hearing ghosts stories or urban legends especially around an open camp eager for those moments of spine tinging fear. Over the years, I had listened to many of them and evermore appreciating to encounter tales not yet known like the Ratman of Southend. My thanks to Flora from Britain in sharing this YouTube video with me, which I am posting on Abnormal Realms.